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Audio to DVD - CD & MP3, Pay Per Minute | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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#1 Photo, Negative, Slide Scanning and VHS to DVD Conversion

7,760,149 images scanned

We convert your audio tapes to CD in high quality

Noise & Flicker Reduction
Online Gallery for video preview
Personalised DVD for gifting
Pay per minute basis

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Our Audio to CD conversion service

We digitise audio recordings and transfer them to WAV format, so that a CD player can play them easily.
The following services are included when transfering audio to CD:
  • Transfer your videos at 1:1 speed
  • Transfer to a blank high-quality Sony CD/DVD
  • You can get more detailed information about the prices of converting audio to CD in our price list.

Highly simplified order process

NOTE: You will receive an automated status update e-mail at each stage of the process shown above.

ScanCorner security standards (more>>)

  • We have a succesful and reliable partnership with FedEx for all our logistical needs.
  • All our PCs have data transfer restrictions to ensure maximum privacy to your photos and videos.
  • An End to end tracking system that helps us locate your order at every stage. If ever we should lose your order (for an order value of 100 GBP or more), we compensate your emotional loss with 300 GBP. However we have an impeccable track record. So far we haven't lost even a single image!

Important Information

  • digitisation of selected scenes is not possible. We always digitise all the content of the tapes.
  • No title or caption transfer for DVD menu or DVD box. Videos and chapters are simply numbered.

Audio to CD conversion FAQ (more>>)

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Can I track my order online?

Yes. Login to and go to "My Account". If you click on the "My Orders" button, the individual orders are displayed. Click on your order and you will see the order status and other relevant data. ×

Can I change my account information?

The account information can be changed at any time by logging in (at "My Account" or "Sign In") and then click on "Edit Account". Your current order will not change. The goods are delivered to the address that you specified in the order. If you have to change your shipping address after the order has been placed, please notify us immediately by email. ×

What makes ScanCorner better than other digitisation services?

ScanCorner is different because we give high quality scans at a very reasonable price. Our standard package includes services which most providers charge separately for, such as color correction, rotating the images, red-eye correction, or the high resolution at which we scan. Also we have no automatic correction programs that we use on your images but instead do everything manually, e.g. we adjust the settings for each picture. Once we've scanned your images, we save smaller versions of your images (thumbnails) to our server. This allows you to look at your pictures in an online gallery and check them before we burn them to a DVD and send the DVD back to you along with your originals. ×

When will my account information be deleted?

If you haven't logged in for at least 1 year, your account will be deleted. If you want your account to be deleted sooner, please send an email to ×