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Frequently Asked Questions - About ScanCorner | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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#1 Photo, Negative, Slide Scanning and VHS to DVD Conversion

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FAQ - About ScanCorner


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    I want to contribute to ScanCorner, how to approach you?

    Please send us an email with your CV and your imaginations at  We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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    Why has ScanCorner setup scan processing center in India?

    Since the beginning, ScanCorner’s scanning processes were located in Hyderabad, India, where a fully equipped high-tech Scan Center was established. With Hyderabad being one of India’s most prominent centres for software and business outsourcing, it was possible for ScanCorner to get the necessary support and resources. Thus, the labour-intensive processes can be executed professionally and cost-effective, ultimately benefitting the customer.

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    What is the total team size working on ScanCorner?

    Currently, ScanCorner is a 70 member team of highly qualified professionals, working tirelessly 24x7 to provide best service to the customers.

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    Can you provide the brief background of founders?

    As is with any revolutionary startup firm, ScanCorner is born out of a need felt by one of our partners Eric Schreiber to scan old photoslides of his god mother in Switzerland. He was looking for a good quality and affordable scanning service and found that most of the service providers charged phenomenal rates. Then, he felt that perhaps there are many others like him who needed such services. He had a momentary discussion with his classmate Raja Upputuri and they both decided to set up a high quality scanning facility in India to service customers in Switzerland and soon they roped in their MBA senior Raghuram KS to join in their enthusiastic venture. A fourth partner, Toni Casas, soon joined to develop Spanish market.

    Now, ScanCorner has invested in the best quality scanning hardware and software and have a dedicated team of media technicians and restoration engineers to offer you the best scanning output in the industry. Currently, ScanCorner services clients in India, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany and Spain.

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    Why should you choose ScanCorner over other companies?

    ScanCorner offers high quality scans at a competitive price. To our knowledge, we are the only integrated company with multinational presence in Australia to offer scanning of the widest variety of photo formats. We do the scanning manually as automated process has severe limitations.  A resource is completely dedicated to an order who does the scanning manually, cleans and crops each and every image and then enhances the image.  All this, we provide at an unbeatable price. We upload the pictures onto the server for you to download; we also burn the pictures to a DVD and ship it along with the originals. We are passionate about creating those special happy moments for our customers and our work exhibits our passion.  

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    Can I know more information about India scan facility?

    The facility is located in the city center of Hyderabad and currently there are 70 experienced employees working there on different high-tech scanning devices.