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Frequently Asked Questions - Order Process | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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FAQ - Order Process


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    What happens, if I don't use the entire coupon-amount?

    Unfortunately, you can use your coupon only once. In case that you don’t use the entire worth, we can’t pay you off the remaining worth.

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    How to place an order?

    Click on ’Place Order’ button present on home page and other pages on the website ( It will either ask you to login if you haven’t yet logged in or take you to the orders section. Enter the order details and shipping information. You will then get a confirmation through email of which you need to take a print-out and send it along with the order. 

    Please follow guidelines for packing. Once we receive your package, these will be counted and we will update your account with the exact count of photos, negatives and slides.

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    How long it takes for a order?

    Usually it takes 4-6 weeks for the whole process, from the moment the delivery is received, up to the moment the customer receives his scanned images on CD/DVD.

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    For my last order I got a coupon from you, which I have forgot to redeem at my current order. Can I still benefit from this offer?

    Certainly you can benefit from this offer. We will give you the specified discount on your current invoice.

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    Can I submit my pictures to you personally?

    You can definitely do that. Please inform us regarding this in advance by sending an email to

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    In which format i get my digitised images, when I use a Tryout?

    If you use a Tryout, you will get a download-link for your images(instead of a CD/DVD).

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    I want to digitise more than 5 images with my TRYOUT-Coupon. Is that possible?

    The TRYOUT-Coupon serves thereto to introduce you our services. For a order, where the amount is bigger than the TRYOUT-Coupon, we unfortunately can´t consider the coupon.

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    I can't use the Coupon Code, what is the reason for that?

    If you experience any problems using your Coupon code please proceed as follows: first, check your coupon code. There are only capital letters on coupons, otherwise the code won’t be recognised by our system. Second, look for other spelling mistakes, maybe that is the reason why your coupon code wasn’t recognised. Third, please check if your coupon has expired. If this is the case, unfortunately, we can’t give you your money back.

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    The order form doesn't work, respectively I can't open the online-gallery?

    We recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Should there still occur a problem, please send us a screenshot of the page to

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    Should I send the Coupon Code along with the shipment?

    No, that’s not necessary. Just fill in the coupon code in the order form.

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    What is the validity of GroupOn / Deal Coupon?

    The validity of the GroupOn/ Deal coupons is noramlly marked on the Coupon. Usually this kind of coupons have 6 months validity.

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    What are the conditions for the use of a Coupon?

    Independant of the size, you can use only one coupon per order. It is not possible to combine two different coupon codes. Also, you can use ONLY ONE COUPON PER HOUSEHOLD, especially in the case of GroupOn/Deals coupons etc. After the date of expiry, we can’t accept a coupon anymore. Otherwise same conditions (prices,...) apply as for standard orders without coupons.

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    How do I know the status of the order?

    Your ScanCorner account is updated with the status of your order on a regular basis from the day we receive your package. Alternately, we also send you regular updates to your email id and mobile number used for registration.