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Frequently Asked Questions - Photo Scanning | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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#1 Photo, Negative, Slide Scanning and VHS to DVD Conversion

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FAQ - Photo Scanning


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    Do you offer free estimates?

    Yes, we do offer free estimates. Once we receive the images, we go through it and classify it as minor, moderate or extensive restoration. We will then get back to you with our estimate.

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    I don't have the digital photo. How can i send it for restoration?

    No problem! You can scan the photos at high resolution using desktop scanner, save it in JPEG format and send the image to us. It is always advisable to do high quality scanning of the photo. If not, you can send us the printed photo by post mail. We will scan it at our facility using very high end scanners, restore the photo and send the restored photo by email. 

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    Is the original photo I send to you safe? Do you alter the original?

    We can assure you that your photo will be safe with us. The original picture is scanned to obtain a digital copy. All restoration work is done using the digital copy only. Your original will be returned unharmed.

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    Can ScanCorner scan the image for me (and then restore)?

    Sure, no problem. Simply send us the photo prints by mail. Then we scan them with our modern high-end scanner, edit and restore them and send it back to you.

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    How to place order for Photo Restoration?

    Please fill in your requirements under Place order section on the website. On successful placement of order, you will receive a confirmation email which you need to take a print-out and send it along with your order. We do restoration over 3 level iteration process, i.e., once we finish the restoration, we send you the restored photo.  If you are expecting some more changes, you can communicate with us and we will incorporate those changes. There will be maximum of 3 revisions and after that the output will be considered final. So, make sure you communicate all your changes within the first 2 revisions effectively


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    Is it better to save the photos on CD or DVD?

    If you prefer, we can burn your pictures on several CDs; usually several CDs should be suficient for all of your images. However, in all other cases, we recommend you to chose a DVD for your pictures.

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    Why is it better to scan negatives than photos?

    As a photo from the photo laboratory was developed out of the informations of the negative, its resolution is necessarily lower. In other words, a negative scanner is able to extract more image information out of a negative and provide a higher resolution for the digital picture. Moreover, negatives are usually in a better condition than their photo print counterparts.

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    How do you ensure that the pictures aren't reversed?

    Negatives have defined front and back sides which we always check by default. However, if some slides were classified the wrong way around, it’s possible that the scanned pictures are also reversed. Please check if this is the case when looking at the thumbnails in your galery and let us know by contacting us at

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    Which scanner do you use?

    Currently we use Canon 9000F and Epson Perfection V700 and V750 scanners with add on supplies for good quality scanning.

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    I have sent you my whole photo collection, but I just want to scan some particular pictures, is this possible?

    Unfortunately this is not possible. Looking for some selected pictures, slides or negatives from your complete photo collection would take too  much time. Therefore, we scan and process the whole collection that you send us. If you want only certain pictures to be scanned, please chose them and send us only those.

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    Do you digitise medium format negatives?

    Yes, we do. Our scanners are well suited to scan medium format negatives.

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    What sizes of negatives do you digitise?

    For an overview of all negatives that we digitise, please have a look at

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    Do you digitise disc negatives?

    Yes, we do. However, we ask you to contact us in advance and describe your disc negative first.

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    Can you burn the digitised photos on CD?

    Sure, just mention it in the order form that you prefer a CD instead of a DVD.

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    What is Digital ICE?

    Digital Image Correction and Enhancement  (Digital ICE) is a set of technologies which is integrated in a large number of high-end quality scanners. It is highly reliable and offers spectacular quality improvements as it automatically removes different surface defects (dust, scratches) from scanned images.

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    Do you cut the film while scanning?

    No. You can be assured that the film can be scanned without cutting. For any exceptional case, we will inform you in advance and will do it only after your approval.

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    I have 2 negatives to scan, can you scan those ones for me?

    Sure, but only if you add some additional material to scan, as our minimum purchase order value amounts to GBP 30. So just look for some more content to your package and get to know our services.If you don't reach the minimum order value, we charge at least GBP 30.

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    Can I mark on the negative strip images that I do not want to have scanned or can I cut the strips (cut off unwanted photos)? If so, how many pictures must minimally be present on the strip, so that the negatives can be scanned?

    Unfortunately you would have to cut the strip, if you want to have only a few images scanned. It is also possible, when there is only one image.

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    I have a big amount of images. How much fits in a DVD?

    On one DVD, approximately 3000 images fits in JPEG-format. If you want the original Tiff-files, it´s less.

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    The link to my online gallery doesn't work.

    If this happens, please send us an e-mail reporting the problem to and we will send you promptly a new password.

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    Can you delete images or whole files, if I don't like them?

    Yes, just give us the number in your online-gallery respectively the folder name and then we will delete those images. Please consider this has no impact on your invoice as you will be charged for processing all the images.

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    Why do my B&W photos still have scratches whereas colour ones don't ?

    At ScanCorner, we use Canon and Epson scanners that have a built-in Digital ICE hardware functionality. This functionality removes the scratches on film while scanning the film. Unfortunately, this functionality is available only for Colour negatives. Till date there is no such application available for B&W negatives. So, we remove the scratches on the film manually using photo editing tools. If the negative has lots of scratches, we can’t remove them. That explains why B&W negatives still have scratches while colour ones don’t. If you wish to have all the scratches removed on certain negatives, you can opt for advanced restoration for those particular negatives. Advanced restoration is chargeable on a photo to photo basis.

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    What are my various post scanning storage options?

    At this moment we are offering four storage options 

    1) CD/DVD

    2) Online Storage

    3) USB

    4) Hard Disk

    CD/DVD is the default option and is included in the price. Customer has opt-in for the other three storage options and prices for these storage options are additional. Prices below.

    Additional DVD(s)         £2/DVD

    USB/Hard Disk prices: 

    8 GB USB                       10 GBP
    16 GB USB                     10 GBP
    64 GB USB                     25 GBP
    500 GB Hard Disc         50 GBP
    1 TB Hard Disc              70 GBP

    When the images are scanned, those are uploaded into the server and link is sent to the customer. Also, all the images are recorded on a DVD and the DVD is shipped to the customer along with the original photos.

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    Can I watch the DVDs you send in the DVD player?

    These DVDs or CDs can usually be viewed on your DVD/CD player or computer. There is a very rare chance for some old DVD or CD players which are not capable of playing those file formats. In that case usage of computers are recommended for reliability

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    How big can I enlarge the scanned pictures?

    Printing and enlarging photos depends on usage. The acceptable quality varies according to usage and image itself. 300 pixels per inch is considered a standard in most cases and at that standard, a paper photo can be enlarged to twice the size without any decrease in sharpness.

    Slides and negatives can be printed in much larger sizes. At our standard scanning resolution of 3000dpi, a 35mm negative could be printed, photo quality, at 9" x 13", roughly.

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    What kind of technical knowledge is required?

     1. Skill to operate Epson V700 or other similar scanning equipment

     2. Adobe Photoshop expertise

     3. Clear understanding of image properties

     4. Good knowledge on how to enhance an image by modifying its various properties

     5. Idea on how to organize pictures, label those pictures, number them and store them.

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    I still want to scan by myself, how to do it?

    Below are the steps to be followed, if you want to do the scanning by yourself and produce equivalent quality scans offered by ScanCorner.

    1. Long hours of scanning (50 hours of scanning for 300 photos, 4 months if you dedicate 3 hours per weekend).

    2. Purchase high-end Epson scanner for scanning the printed photos @ AUD 600 and upwards.

    3. Have a desktop/laptop with high end processor and 4 GB RAM.

    4. Install the software that comes with the scanner and get a clear understanding of various setting options and their advantages.

    5. Take all the photos/negatives out and start scanning manually.

    6. After every individual scan, open the imaging software for cropping and apply image enhancement techniques to each image(You need to purchase such application separately).

    7. Save the image in a clearly numbered folder and store it.

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    Can’t I scan images myself?

    It is possible to scan images yourself. However, to obtain a good quality scan, you would need long hours of intense engagement with a good quality scanner, besides skillful working with photo restoration tools. We have invested in the best quality and costly scanning equipment with a highly trained crew of media technicians to give you the best possible output, saving your valuable time and effort. Further, our gallery allows you to share your photos with your friends and relatives and also facilitates uploading to photo sharing sites such as picasa and flickr. We also store your scanned images in our server for 45 days., in case you want an additional digital copy at a later stage.

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    I lost my scanned images and also lost the CD. What next?

    By default, all your scanned images are stored in our server for 45 days from the date of delivery of your order, after which they are removed permanently. During this period, you can order another DVD containing your images by quoting your order number. This costs just £2 and Shipping charges extra. We are also working on a digital storage solution after this period as an additional service. Stay tuned for updates!

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    Why should your digtise old photos/negatives/slides ?

    There is a saying “There are few things money can’t buy” and ‘memories’ is one of those few things. We should scan photos to cherish the sweet memories of the past. When was the last time your entire family sat together and went through the old photos that were stacked in the shoeboxes and shoved underneath the bed? Through scanning you can

    1. Preserve all the photos onto your laptop or home server

    2. Create multiple copies of the pictures and share with your near and dear ones

    3. Create photo albums and gift those to loved ones on special occasions

    4. Get rid of the stacks of photos stored in various corners of the house

    5. Label them, organise them, put notes on them.

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    Why should you outsource your scanning to a service company?

    A professional service company does the scanning job at a much lower cost than the cost incurred in doing it by yourself. Below are the reasons for the same

    1. High quality scan equipment is very expensive. So, the cost isn't justified for home use. 
    2. Scanning is a labour intensive work. It requires a dedicated resource to perform the job.
    3. Quality scanning work requires expertise in photoshop, image properties, colour enhancement techniques. 

    Using ScanCorner’s service, you not only save your valuable time and money incurred, but you also get a better quality scanning output. Image scanning is a one-time activity. So, go for the best quality. Your precious memories deserve the best. 

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    How do you send the soft copies to me after scanning is done?

    All your pictures are placed in a folder. That folder is zipped, encrypted and then uploaded onto server. Link and the password to unzip the zipped folder is sent to the email listed with us. You can download the zipped folder, unzip it and experience your sweet memories. We also record all the images on the DVD and the DVD is shipped along with original photos.

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    Why do you provide an online gallery?

    Because it’s convenient for you! In case you want to see your photos or share them with your friends, you can do it easily with the gallery.

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    Can my friends and family view my online gallery?

    On completion of scanning, your scanned images will be uploaded in our online gallery and a link will be sent to your email id (used for registration). You can view the images by clicking on the link and you are free to forward the link to anyone. This is the very purpose of having an online gallery. Go and share your memories!

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    For how long the gallery link be active?

    Link will be active for six months from the date of uploading.

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    The pictures in the online galary don’t look that spectacular. Why? Is there something wrong?

    The pictures in the online gallery are reductions (so-called Thumbnails) and have been reduced to a size of ca. 200 kB. The resolution is therefore much lower than the ones on the CD/DVD that you’ll receive. The pictures in the gallery serve as a first quality check. So if you detect other defects other than resolution and sharpness or if you have particular wishes, e.g. regarding light (brightness), picture detail (a cut at specific part), etc. then please let us know. We will work on them to make the improvements.

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    How long the high-resolution images will be saved?

    We retain the images after the completion of your order for another 45 days.

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    In which format do you save the images/slides?

    After digitisation, we save them in JPEG-format.

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    How much time will it take to restore a photo?

    The time taken depends on the amount of restoration work required and on how quick the review process happens. On an average, it takes around 5-7 days from receiving order to delivery of restored photo through email.

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    Do you take the slides out of the frame, when you scan them?

    Yes, for scanning the slides, we have to take them out of the frame. Afterwards we put them back into the original frames. In rare cases, as with glass slides, it can happen that we have to put them in a new frame.

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