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Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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FAQ - Pricing


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    What are the prices for the digitisation of Super8 films?

    For Super8 videos we charge £1.00/Min. Please note, that we are currently not able to digitse audio on Super8 films. 

    A complete overview of the prices can be found here:

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    Does ScanCorner also offer volume discounts for video material?

    Yes, ScanCorner offers you the following volume discounts based on the total number of video minutes of all formats:

    >1200 min - 5% discount

    >2400 min - 10% discount

    >3600 min - 15% discount

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    Does ScanCorner offer volume discounts for images?

    Yes, ScanCorner offers you the following volume discounts based on the total number of scanned images of all formats:

    1000 – 3000 -> 5% discount

    3000 – 5000 -> 10% discount

    5000 & above -> 15% discount

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    Which price do you charge, when I want to have the unedited originals back?

    For the original Tiff-files we charge 10p for every image.

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    How is the service billed?

    The billing is done after we finish processing your order. Your account will be updated with the exact cost for the total work involved (shipping charges are mentioned separately at the bottom), and the invoice will be sent to your email id with the bank details listed at the bottom of the invoice. We shall ship your originals along with the DVD once we receive the payment.

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    What are the various payment options available?

    Currently, we have only online bank transfer option available. In future, we will be adding various other online payment options.

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    Does shipping cost extra?

    Yes. Shipping costs are additional. we are unable to include shipping charges in the pricing. Some of the customers recommended including shipping charges and charging a higher amount, but we decided to opt for a transparent pricing.The prices listed on the website are for only order processing. So, in the invoice you will find the Shipping Charges included separately. This is for shipping your order back to you.

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    What is the pricing you charge for scanning/conversion of various formats?

    If you want to have an overview of the prices for different photo formats, please check our website:

    For photos:

    For Videos:


    If you have any further questions, you can contact us at:

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    Are you the lowest scanning service provider present in UK?

    We are probably not the lowest cost provider, but surely provide the best value for money. Your photos, negatives and slides receive the best care with our trained technicians, who use sophisticated scanning equipment and software tools. The negatives and slides are cleaned with compressed air, wherever necessary, to remove dust and other minute particles. We apply a high grade photo cleaner to remove dust from printed photos. Further, we process your scanned image with Digital ICE technology to remove remaining blemishes and minor scratches. All this, with a careful eye, to give you the best possible output.

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    Are there hidden costs involved in the scanning?

    There are no hidden costs involved in the scanning. All the prices are listed on our website ( FOR PHOTOS FOR VIDEOS and the customer can refer to the site before he confirms the order.

    The price listed in the website includes the following service:

    1. High quality scanning

    2. Dust and Scratch removal

    3. Colour and Brightness adjustment

    4. Noise and flicker reduction for videos

    5. Online gallery and DVD

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    How can I get the quotation for my order?

    To make a rough estimate about how much your order will cost, please have a look at our prices overview. As the price for digitising your images or videos varies depending on the quantity, format and the selected service, we can´t give you the exact amount, without these informations.

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    How does the video conversion pricing work?

    Our pricing is entirely based on total minutes of the footage digitised. The prices listed on the website is per minute basis. So, suppose if you have a standard VHS Tape containing 60 minutes footage, it costs you 1200p/Min to get the tape digitised.