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Frequently Asked Questions - Registration and User Account | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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FAQ - Registration and User Account


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    How can I open an account?

    It is very simple. You can directly place an order at, then account will be automatically created. The account credentials will be sent to you via email. You can login later to check the status of the order. 

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    I want to change my account details, can I change those?

    Absolutely! You can change your account details whenever you like.Go to login using your login details. Then click on the My Account tab on the top menu bar. It will take you to your profile. There you can click on edit profile and change your account information. Changing account information won’t, in any manner, affect your order information. 

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    When will my registration details be deleted?

    If you haven’t logged in for a year, we’ll delete your account. If you want us to delete your account earlier, please mail us at

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    How do I know the status of the order?

    Your account in is updated with the status of your order on a regular basis from the day we receive your package. Alternately, we also send you regular updates to your email id and mobile number used for registration.

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    To which address should I ship my pictures?

    We recommend that you should ship it directly to our office at following address :

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    What are your customer service hours?

    Our service hours : 10:00 – 18:00hrs Eastern Standard Time (AEST) – UTC+10:00  -  Monday to Friday  

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    What if there is a problem with the order?

    We do our best to resolve all problems related to the order, free of charge. This includes billing issues, quality issues and any other miscellaneous problems with the order. Please also note, we retain the original scans in our archives for about 45 days after the order is complete. Thereafter, the high resolution scans are deleted in the system to free up the storage space.So, if you have any issues, please do inform us 45 days in advance.    

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    My order status is still in 'Order Received'. When can I expect the digitised images?

    We process the orders in the order of their arrival. From the date we receive your order, it takes us approximately one month till we send you a link for the online gallery and approximately 6 weeks till you receive the CD/DVD with your scanned pictures. If you need pictures on a high priority, please send us an email We shall then prioritise your order.

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    Do you accept international orders?

    Yes, we do accept international orders. We have FedEx shipment pickup facility for all the countries FedEx has presence in. So, we can arrange a shipment pickup from your home. Shipping and handling of international orders incur an additional “customs fee”. This is mainly levied on bound books. To place an international order, you use our standard online order form. In the description mention the country from where the order is placed. Please do note that shipping charges are extra. 

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    What to do if there are problems with the order or the labelling of the photos, slides etc.?

    We do our very best to keep the order and sequence that you wanted for the scanned pictures. However, at our scale, we can’t commit to checking the labels and sequence of the pictures. Once the images are scanned and restored, those are uploaded to online gallery as thumbnails. In the gallery, you can check the sequence of images. This preview offers our customers a unique possibility to report possible errors and we’ll do our best in correcting the errors.

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    Under which circumstances I can cancel my order?

    From the time your shipment arrives to us and you receive an email stating that order is received, the order shall be definitive. A cancellation can be arranged by phone or email up to this point, whereupon we will return your material and charge you our return shipping costs. A later cancellation is rejected unfortunately.

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    Can I check my order status online?

    Yes, you can check your order status online. Login to using the login details and click on the My Account tab on the menu bar. There you see a link called My Orders, click on the link and it will show you all the orders. Click on each order and it will display the order status and other related information.