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Frequently Asked Questions - Safety | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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FAQ - Safety


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    Where is the scanning work done?

    The scanning processes takes place in a fully equiped high-tech Scan Center in Hyderabad, India. The city is one of India’s most prominent centres for software and business outsourcing, which allows the labour-intensive processes to be executed professionally and cost-effective, ultimately benefitting the customer.

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    Is it safe to send photos by courier?

    ScanCorner has designed an integrated and centralised supply chain system to ensure that your photos remain safe throughout the process. Nowadays, courier companies carry valuable articles all over the world. We recommend that you use a good courier company. You can write to us at, if you need any help in this matter.

    On receiving your package, we will send you an acknowledgement and you can track the progress of the scanning. Return shipment can be tracked through ’Track my order’ utility by logging into your account at ScanCorner and receive regular alerts on your email id or mobile no. Our office is also equipped with security system and 24 hour surveillance to safeguard your treasured images.

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    What safety measures do you take during scanning?

    Our scanning facility is manned by security personnel 24X7 and is monitored virtually using IP Cameras installed in various locations. More over, the scanning facility has an RFID access to allow restricted entry with strict rules against tailgating. All the data transfer devices are deactivated at the scanning facility to restrict any kind of data transfer. All images are placed in a central server with multiple backups.

    All our media professionals are trained to use utmost safeguards while scanning your photo albums, negatives and slides. We use compressed air to clean negatives and slides, wherever it is necessary to remove dust and other particles. A high grade photo cleaner is used to clean printed photos. So, your photos are in safe hands!!

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    Are my photos kept confidential?

    Absolutely!! Your photos are kept confidential and are not distributed, sold or used for any other purpose. We are committed to the safety and security of our client’s possessions.

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    For how long ScanCorner keeps a copy of my photos?

    ScanCorner keeps a copy of the high resolution photos for a period of 45 days from the date of delivery and the gallery will be live for 6 months. In case that you want extra copies at a later stage or you lose the data during that time, we can deliver you the DVD with the images. Charges applicable.

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    How does ScanCorner ensure the privacy of my images?

    The privacy and protection of your images is of vital consequence to us. To prevent misuse of your photographic images and to protect your privacy, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure your personal property. Access to your photographs is strictly controlled both physically and electronically. Your photographs and scanned images are never shared with third parties nor used for any other purpose.

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    How to label the photos?

    In general, we recommend you to number your groups of slides and negatives (e.g. Envelope #1, etc.). In this case, we’ll scan the groups according to your order. If you’ve made a text list for this numbering, you’ll have the possibility that we rename the folders according to your list. Also, you can label the envelopes, covers or packages with additional details. We’ll then scan this cover and save this image with the negatives of the same group. For the scan of the cover/envelope, our standard scan fees apply. In case of photos, we usually scan the pictures alone. If you have information on the other side of the photo and you want that to be scanned too, we kindly ask to inform us when filling your order.

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    How to package the video materials.

    We recommend using a strong and rugged cardboard box. Wrap the material with bubble sheets and also put shredded papers in between to prevent movement of material inside the box during transit.  

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    How to pack the images?

    That depends a little on how you want to organise the images. The most efficient method for you is to simply place the negative strips (no photos in it) in their envelopes (this possibly be labelled) and send everything in a plastic bag, in a sturdy box. If you want to organise differently, remove the negatives from the envelopes and it is advisable to send them in groups in resealable plastic bags. The plastic bag protects from moisture and the negatives can be easily labelled.

    For slides, if you like to send in the magazine or in groups, pack in aluminum foil and make small packages using rubber bands. If you want to play it safe, it is recommended that the slides are packed in resealable plastic bags to protect from moisture.

    If you want to send photos, we recommend you to use a piece of cardboard or similar in order to protect the photos. Moreover, if you send them in a plastic bag, they will be protected from moisture. For more information, visit: where you can also navigate for general packaging tips and more specific information about packing photos, slides and negatives.