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Frequently Asked Questions - Video Conversion | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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FAQ - Video Conversion


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    Video is distorted in Hi8 cassette. Can you sort it?

    Actually, this largely depends on the particular case. You might send us the distorted video and we’ll do our very best - if it’s not possible, we will send back the video cassette and you don’t need to pay for it.

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    Audio is distorted in Hi8 cassette. Can you sort it?

    Again, we can’t give you a general answer. But as for video distortions, you might just send us the cassette in question.

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    Can you burn the digitised videos on CD?

    Yes, sure. Just let us know if you prefer to get your videos on CD.

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    I have huge collection of Video Cassettes, can you give me a quote?

    The conversion of your videos is charged according to the working time necessary and varies depending on the number and type of the videos. You’ll find a complete price list here:

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    What other variants of VHS Cassettes you digitise?

    We digitise different types of VHS Cassettes like VHS, S-VHS and VHS C.

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    Do you retain sound track when digitising Super 8mm films?

    No, due to technical difficulties we aren´t able to digitise audio on Super 8-Videos.

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    Do the employees watch video while digitization?

    The process of digitisation itself requires attention of the employee throughout the entire digitisation process. This itself explains the complexity involved in converting VHS to DVD but as we always mention that our processing center is highly secure. There is no USB, Internet, Other Data Transfer access on any of these systems. So, you can be rest assured that no data goes out of our digitisation facility.

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    How long will it take to digitise the videos?

    The time taken to digitise the videos depends mainly on the total order quantity. For an order size of 10 videos, it takes around 7 days to process the order and ship back the DVDs.

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    Do you store my digitised video after my order is complete?

    We retain a backup of your video for a duration of 45 days. This is to ensure that you have a backup if there is some problem with the DVD. You can request for an additional copy of the video within these 45 days. Charges applicable.

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    Will I get to review my video content before I receive my DVD?

    No, unlike with photos where you have gallery to review photos, it is not possible to review your footage before DVD delivery. But you can be confident about the fact that we provide the best quality video digitisation service in UK.

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    Will there be audio on my DVD?

    Yes, audio will be included. We will capture audio that is already present on your tape into DVD. There is no additional charge for capturing audio. For the Super 8 films, we cannot, unfortunately digitise the audio.

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    What various video formats do you support?

    A complete list is available here :

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    Can I play digitised videos in DVD Player?

    Normally, you can play our DVD in most of the home DVD players and on PC with standard software. Though for some home DVD players it could be an exception.

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    Do you customise the DVD?

    We will personalise your DVD case with a picture from the scenes on your DVD. We also include Chapters and Menu in a standard DVD format making it easy to watch.

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    Can I also digitise my Mini-DVDs with you?

    Yes, we also offer this service. However, there are some formats which do not support. Therefore, we would request you, to inform us in advance, which format you own.

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    Can I send in both photos and video at the same time?

    You can, definitely. In our place order section, please enter the number of photographs and number of videos you wish to digitise.

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    Do you also offer .mov at the conversion from video-format?

    If you desire, we can do that for you.

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    Can I select only a particular section of video to be digitised?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, as we only digitise the whole video. However, we add a scene selection, so that you can select and, if necessary, edit your favourite scene.