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#1 Photo, Negative, Slide Scanning and VHS to DVD Conversion

7,321,105 images scanned

Manual Restoration

Each image is restored manually, pixel by pixel

Before Manual Restoration - ScanCorner   After Manual Restoration - ScanCorner

Restoration by Hand

Some images have finger print marks, coffee spills, tears. Normal scratch and removal technique doesn't work on these images. These images require a highly qualified image specialist to restore the image pixel by pixel. This work takes lot of time. If the scratches are minor, we generally do it as part of standard service. But if there are major scratches, we contact you first as this work is chargeable. Based on your response, we shall go ahead and do the advanced restoration.

Expert Advice

You can always contact us if you have questions. Emails are usually answered within 24 hours. Simply write to us at info@scancorner.co.uk.
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