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Photo Scanning Resolution | ScanCorner United Kingdom
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#1 Photo, Negative, Slide Scanning and VHS to DVD Conversion

7,799,935 images scanned

Manual Scanning

Because hands are the best scanning tools

Restoration - Before ScanCorner   Restoration - After ScanCorner

It all depends on the scanner and scanning personnel

Many a lot of times, customers ask us the question "Why can't we scan by ourselves? How different is ScanCorner's service". There are various low end automatic scanners in the market. One can purchase one of those and digitise his/her images. But then one has to compromise heavily on quality. We tested various scanners in the market through years and found that the only way to deliver quality digital images is through employing high end scanners. A high end scanner takes 4-5 minutes on an average to scan an image at 3000 DPI. On top of that each image color composition is different; each image has a different brightness levels. So, to bring out the best quality output, a person has to scan images manually and adjust the color and brightness levels manually during the scanning process.

We are convinced that scanning needs to be done at a high quality right from the start to be able to produce good quality prints in the end. For example, if you want to create a photo book, it is often necessary to enlarge images or parts of images. For this reason, we scan all the photos at a very high quality so that you can use your photos for all kinds of purposes.

Expert Advice

You can always contact us if you have questions. Emails are usually answered within 24 hours. Simply write to us at
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